Hi there friends, My name is Ashley. I invite you to take a moment to read the story behind the Birdseed. It's a real deal, good story.


Four years ago, I wasn't a very healthy person. I found out that I had half the amount of blood in my body that any normal person should have.

The scary thing is, I had no idea. I was a Zumba instructor at the time, practicing choreography when I got the phone call telling me of my extremely poor state of health.

Two years and two blood transfusions later, not being able to raise my heart rate (no fun whatsoever) due to the risk of heart attack, I was FINALLY diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  

In a short three months after eliminating gluten from my diet, all of my blood levels went right back up to normal. I repeat that, NORMAL! 

WOW! How many other people are in bondage to illness when all they need to do is adjust their diet?!

This opened my eyes to how crucially important it is to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies and how exactly it is affecting us. Food is EVERYTHING.


I have always been passionate about health and wellness but this took my passion and awareness to a whole new level.

I noticed that most granolas on the market, even though they may be gluten-free and organic, the second ingredient is always sugar. Yes, maybe coconut sugar, but it's still sugar.

This is when I took the bull by the horns and started making my own. More nuts, seeds, and nutrients; fewer oats, fillers, and sugar.

In this process I also discovered kasha. Kasha is an ancient grain/seed similar to quinoa. It has a tasty crunch, nutty flavor and is high in plant-based protein and fiber. It made the cut for an ingredient for sure.


I would take the granola with me to work in the morning and one of the coworkers stated "Ashley are you eating birdseed?" and of course my response was "Heck yes, I am!". When I decided to start sharing my delicious granola with everyone, I decided to keep the name. 


My mission is to contribute and encourage others to live in their ultimate state of health.

To be our fullest potential, our truest selves, we MUST HAVE HEALTH AND VITALITY. 

I have experienced the cage of poor health; It's a depressing pit of limitations, brain fog, and dullness.

Change what you eat, change who you are. Be your ultimate self!